DoDo Musique SAINT PAUL - Chaussée Royale( Parking Leader Price ) - 0262 42 75 07
DoDo Musique SAINT PIERRE - 14 rue de la Charité - 0262 25 38 00

Ouvert le Lundi 14h-18h et du Mardi au Samedi 9h-12h et 14h-18h

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The Korg LP-350 is designed to visually complement nearly any living space. Less than 11 inches deep, the slim-line styling is both space-saving and efficient. When not in use, the thoughtful design of the LP-350 leaves a smooth, flat top with absolutely no protruding hinges, allowing the LP-350 to become part of your room's decor. Yet in spite of its slim-line profile, the LP-350 is equipped to provide a robust and accurate piano performance, complete with grand-touch action, all three pedals, and a powerful speaker system to deliver a rich piano sound.

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